Urologic Cancer

Urologic CancerThese cancers affect both the males and the females. The reproductive organs of the male are affected and the urinary structures of the female are affected by urologic cancer.

What is affected in urologic cancer?

Bladder: the sac that holds and collects the urine is called the bladder. The lining of the bladder is affected by cancer.


blood in urine

painful urination

strong urge to urinate even if bladder is empty


lower back pain

swelling on the feet

Testis: a very small percentage of men are affected and is widely common in the age group of 15 years to 34 years. The cancer grows within the testes.


painless lump on the testicle

lower abdomen pain

growth of the breasts

shortness of breath


Liver swelling

Urethral Cancer: urethra is the tube that carries urine and semen out of the body in men.


Blood in urine

Lump in the penis

Unusual discharge

Urine flow is interrupted

Groin region has swollen nodes

Penile cancer: affect the penis and is very rare


Blood on the penis tip

Thickening of the skin

Discharge with Bad odor

Irregular swelling

Rash on foreskin

Swelling in groin region