Frequently Asked Questions

What is cancer?

Abnormal growth of cells in the body is called cancer

What are the different stages of cancer?

There are 4 stages of cancer

Stage 1: The tumor is small and found in one organ only

Stage 2: The tumor is larger than 7 cm and may still be in one organ only

Stage 3: The cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and other nearby structures

Stage 4: The cancer has spread to all parts of the body like liver, bones, lungs, brain, lymph nodes

Is cancer curable?

If diagnosed in the early stage, in most cases the cancer is curable

What is the treatment for cancer?

Surgery is known to give the patient and almost cancer free life. Else a combination of immunotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation along with or without surgery are the known treatments.

Who perform cancer surgery?

Trained and highly experienced onco surgeons should perform the surgery for cancer.

Who is an oncology surgeon?

A surgeon who has specialized in cancer surgery.

What are the most common causes of cancer?

Genetic. Unhealthy lifestyle. Excessive drinking and smoking. Lack of daily exercise. Poor eating habit.