Live Healthy With Cancer

Patients: There is no need to panic if you are diagnosed with cancer. Most cancers are treatable if diagnosed early and manageable if cancer has reached an advanced s

The diagnosis of cancer brings lots of questions in your mind that affects you  physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. Your biggest worry is the line of treatment, recurrence of the cancer, side effects of the treatment and the quality of life. Friends, family, caregiver and doctor play a major role for cancer survivors.

What you should know:

Type of cancer

Line of treatment of the cancer

Side effects of the treatment

Alternate medicine

Financial burden of the treatment

Stay physically and mentally healthy

Plan and be prepared if any emergency hospitalization arises

Caregiver: If you are taking care of your loved one who is suffering from cancer, your physical and emotional well-being is of great importance. Taking care of a cancer patient is very stressful. You must take care of yourself to take better care of the cancer patient.

What you should keep in mind:

Take proper rest, get a restful sleep

Avoid alcohol

Take care of your emotional and mental health, reach out to family and friends

Include some exercise regime outdoors to be physically fit

Help the cancer patient to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy

Get your Covid 19 vaccinations and booster doses